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Some of Dr. Kruse's most popular presentation topics are listed below, but he is available to address a broad range of ADHD and mental health topics.

Recognizing Adult ADHD

ADHD disrupts educations, derails careers, and destroys relationships, yet millions of adults with ADHD remain undiagnosed with this readily treatable condition. We can all become more adept at identifying how disrupted executive functions (directing attention, time management, prioritization, planning, impulse control, emotional regulation) manifest as ADHD behaviors.

Does Donald Trump’s ADHD Throw Cold Water on the Goldwater Rule?

Ethical implications of definitively making psychiatric diagnoses

The president’s ADHD renders obsolete psychiatry’s half-century old ethical ban on publicly discussing the mental health problems of celebrities. Because diagnosis of ADHD relies on observable behaviors, the information in the public domain can be used to accurately identify the condition. Technological and information science innovations applied to mental health assessment will allow us to evaluate other conditions quickly and objectively, thereby forcing us to revise outdated ethical guidelines like the Goldwater Rule.

ADHD World

Social media, technology, and even President Trump are disrupting our attention, encouraging immediate, emotional responses and pushing us in evermore ADHD directions. Having ADHD contributes to numerous behavioral patterns (disrupted sleep, poor diets, decreased exercise, excess screen time) that themselves produce more ADHD-like behavior, subjecting us to vast ADHD feedback loops that are creating an Attention Deficit World.

Shrinking the Shame of ADHD

ADHD represents one way of being neuroatypical, potentially resulting in conflict, criticism, and social rejection in early life, and sowing the seeds of shame. Treating shame is often as important as addressing the attentional and impulsive symptoms of ADHD in order to help individuals become valued and contributing members of our world.

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Recognizing Adult ADHD: What Donald Trump Can Teach Us About Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Recognizing Adult ADHD

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