Recognizing Adult ADHD:
What Donald Trump Can Teach Us About Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Dr. Kruse uses his expertise in neuroscience, his experience as a therapist and a captivating writing style (he tries to keep the “pun” in punditry) to illuminate the brain-based origins of ADHD, the prevalence of this condition among adults, and how we currently define and diagnose the condition. He employs the concept of “executive function deficits” to explain why ADHD manifests in so many different ways, why symptoms within an individual can vary so dramatically from one situation to another, and why ADHD so powerfully derails people. He makes a compelling case that we avert tragedies by accurately identifying and treating adult ADHD.

Because Dr. Kruse is not entrenched in organized or academic psychiatry he has the independence to use his expertise in ADHD to write about topics that might be taboo for others.

Recognizing Adult ADHD uses transparent, objective language to demonstrate how the ADHD diagnosis applies to Mr. Trump, and how ADHD differs from other mental health disorders by being defined entirely by observable behavioral symptoms, not by internal thoughts and feelings. The trove of behavioral information in the public record provides a superior data set, compared to an in-person evaluation, for reliably determining that Mr. Trump fulfills diagnostic criteria for ADHD. Disentangling Mr. Trump’s ADHD from his narcissism and other mental health issues remains crucial for both his allies and opponents to develop coherent strategies for dealing with his unusual behavior.

To deepen our comprehension, Recognizing Adult ADHD delves into pragmatic, neuro-scientific, and ethical aspects of how we make psychiatric diagnoses, how psychiatry converses with society, and ways to address and reduce stigma around mental health conditions. The book also explores feedback loops by which social media, dietary changes, exercise changes, and Mr. Trump himself, are driving our society in evermore ADHD-like directions. We need to understand ADHD, and how it shapes individuals and our society, in order to address these forces in reasonable and effective ways. This book promotes that society benefits from respectful, informed discussions of difficult topics, instead of ignoring, or demanding silence about these issues.

Recognizing Adult ADHD adds “nuance” rather than “new angst” to our understanding of those individuals with ADHD with whom we share a planet.





  • Elizabeth Moore, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
    Rather than joining the chorus of psychiatrists suggesting narcissistic personality disorder, Kruse makes a sound diagnosis of ADHD and utilizes this presidency as an opportunity to educate the pubic about Adult ADHD.
    Elizabeth Moore, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Cathy Wickham, MFT
    Well written, well organized, great relatable information. Bravo! Interesting! Thank you!
    Cathy Wickham, MFT
  • Michelle Tennant, MA, Entrepreneur
    I never knew adults could have ADD/ADHD. This book clearly outlines what adults need to know about this disease.
    Michelle Tennant, MA, Entrepreneur
  • Kristy Lin Billuni, The Sexy Grammarian, San Francisco writer and teacher
    Kruse combines solid research, his own expertise in ADHD, and his astute political observations to offer a satisfying, often funny, and stunningly compassionate perspective on surviving this presidency.
    Kristy Lin Billuni, The Sexy Grammarian, San Francisco writer and teacher
  • EL
    A surprising number of people are touched by ADHD. With this book, readers will add greatly to their knowledge of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
  • Chris, PhD
    John's grip on AD(H)D is both wide and deep.
    Chris, PhD
  • Hey a Squirrel
    Kruse carefully lays out his observations for the reader, in the process providing a solid education about ADHD.
    Hey a Squirrel


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